You Are The Earth: Know Your World So You Can Help Make It Better, by David Suzuki & Kathy Vanderlinden. Everything on Earth is connected & kids can make a difference.

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You Are The Earth: Know Your World So You Can Help Make It Better, by David Suzuki
You Are the Earth explains how everything on Earth is connected. It's packed with scientific facts, fun activities, stories about other kids who have made a difference by being green, and tips on how you can make the world a better place. After devoting a chapter to each of life's necessities-air, water, soil (earth), energy (fire), love, and a spiritual connection with the universe-the authors close with a look at three social and environmental initiatives by young people; a set of review questions (with answers); and 10 consciousness-raising activities, from science projects to storytelling. Sourced, briefly told versions of folktales from several traditions are interspersed throughout, and the plentiful illustrations include color diagrams, comics, and crisply reproduced photos. Did you know thousands of microscopic parasites live on your forehead? That you're breathing dinosaur breath? Through fascinating facts and fables, colorful cartoons, lively photographs, and dynamic illustrations, youngsters learn about our connection to Earth. They'll find out that we and every other living thing are swimming in "air soup," and that the human body is almost 70 percent water. A discussion of "fire power" explains the importance of the sun and how energy continuously cycles from plants to animals. From the tragedy of extinction to practical ways kids can help the environment, this fun and informative guide will change forever how children think about Planet Earth. Grades 4-6. 2010, 10" X 7½" size, 144 pages.