Vote Hindsight 2020. A clearer yesterday, tomorrow! Bumpersticker. [11.5" X 3"]

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Vote Hindsight 2020.  A clearer yesterday, tomorrow!  Bumpersticker.  [11.5" X 3"]

They say that hindsight is 2020.  Here we have the rare opportunity to express our 2020 hindsignt IN the Year 2020.

And after the last big election of 2016, there are still plenty of strong opinions developed from that event.  There are people who are still angry, or others who are still wounded from that.  I hope we have all learned our lessons.  Even if people seem to have taken very different lessons from that.  It only we could go back and dream this all over again. 

Perhaps this sticker can start up a few conversations and more people can look ahead with fresh eyes for our future.  Or at least it may bring a few laughs.