There's a Nap For That. Cat nap. Bumpersticker. [11.5" X 3"]

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There's a Nap For That.  Cat nap.  Bumpersticker.

Nowdays everyone is so busy, working and working day and night.  Somehow it seems that everyone is too stressed out and can't find a break.  And if there is any problem, people rush to find a technological solution, or a computer app to deal with it.  There could be a better way.

There is a NAP for that suggests a different way to look at things.  Perhaps we just need to slow down and look at the CAT in our lives to give us an example.  Cats know how to really nap.   They seem to say, "Ah, to do NOTHING, and then REST after that!"

Are you feeling tired, out of sorts, out of balance?  Never have the energy to get simple things done?  Well..

There's a NAP for that!