The Kiss. By Tanya Chalkin. Postcard.

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The Kiss. By Tanya Chalkin.
Many professional photographers shoot their entire lives without creating an image which can be called iconic—a frozen time and place embedded in the consciousness of many citizens not deeply connected with art or even photography. Portrait and fashion photographer Tanya Chalkin is not one of those photographers. Her black and white image entitled “Kiss” has become one of the images a generation will long remember. The photo consists of two young female models, lying on their sides, embracing and kissing. Shot from above and taken in 2001, “Kiss” saw wildly popular sales around the world as a poster. In the United States, in particular, it graced countless college dorm rooms. Movie fans may remember seeing it in the major motion picture Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, from Universal Pictures. It’s popularity continues to this day, so much so the photo has inspired its own Hollywood movie which is currently in development.