Tea Party Sounds Much Nicer Than Racist, Homophobic, Low-Wage Republican! Madison, Wisconsin Protest Against Anti-Union Efforts. Demonstration Protest Sign Postcard. Union Busting. Political

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Tea Party Sounds Much Nicer Than Racist, Homophobic, Low-Wage Republican!
Back side of this postcard states: Wisconsin Protests Anti-Union Efforts. Wake Up America! An explosive new class war has been building as evidenced in Wisconsin, where the GOP Governor gave big tax cuts to the rich, then tried to limit collective bargaining rights in the name of balancing the budget. Massive protests show that people there are not buying it, but the battles continue across the country. Where will it end? The following information is NOT printed on this card: The 2011 Wisconsin protests are a series of ongoing demonstrations in the state of Wisconsin in the United States tens of thousands of protestors, chiefly opposing the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, and most recently, the tea party advocates who object to that opposition. After the collective bargaining law was signed into law, Judge Mariann Sumi struck it down, citing it was passed in violation of the Open Meetings Law. The Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned Sumi's ruling on June 14. In July, workers from two local chapters of the AFL-CIO filed a lawsuit against the law, alleging it violates the US Constitution's equal protection clause by eliminating collective bargaining only for public workers. Wisconsin was the first state in the United States to provide collective bargaining rights to public employees in 1959.