Slingshot Organizer. 2021 Now in Stock. Thrive Survive Organize. Handy little pocket organizer with room to write your daily plans, people's history, reasons to riot. Very popular, funky, inspirational.

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Slingshot Organizer. Handy little pocket organizer
Slingshot Organizer. Handy little pocket organizer with room to write your daily plans, people's history, reasons to riot, contact radical groups around the world. Very popular, funky, inspirational. 4¼" X 5½". Thrive Survive Organize. The pocket "classic" Slingshot is a 176 page pocket planner (4¼" X 5½") with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more. Comes in 22 different cover colors printed with either black or silver ink. It has a tough layflat binding & a laminated cover. This year's organizer is like a single mushroom sprouting from a vast, complex, subterranean counter-cultural mycelium. After silently & slowly feeding off the decaying log of corporate America, it pushes suddenly & unexpectedly through the thick layer of leaves & debris out into the light. Slingshots come in 22 different cover colors, printed with either black or silver inks. Some of the colors include: Red & Black (shown here), Raging Granny Pink, Food Not Lawns, Don't Be Blue Organize, Smash The Pumpkin State, Compost Happens, Beet It, Kombucha baby, Green Capitalist Scum, Code Pink, Bourgeois Blues, Lavender Menace & Stop Peeing in the Drinking Water. Bulk orders are shipped an assortment. Printed on Recycled Paper. Part of intro essay follows: The currently self-destructing system of corporate profit at the expense of human happiness and the environment props itself up by constantly selling us hope for the future as a substitute for transformation of the present. We need hope if we're to keep struggling for a different world in the face of hostile and discouraging conditions, but we have to be careful to avoid the false hope that consumerism, the media and mainstream politics always offer us: A new shining leader who will fix everything, if only we elect them. Dizzying new forms of techno-entertainment to take our minds off the crumbling economy and the dying planet. And lots of new stuff to buy — hybrid cars, "alternative" fuels, crap made from fair trade this and recycled that. If you can be thin, young and beautiful through consumerism, surely you can be green, too, right? Let's go back a step. The current political/economic/cultural system is not offering solutions to problems — it is causing the problems. Under capitalism, constant competition forces everyone involved in the system to make decisions harmful to human beings and the earth. Every part of the system has to constantly increase profit, sales, efficiency, speed and size while reducing costs or risk being eaten up by someone else. The result is a race to the bottom — a sacrifice of the experiences that make life worth living and the ecological systems that makes life possible. The system's own internal logic of constant growth is inconsistent with a finite and fragile natural environment. Since the industrial revolution, human civilization has brought the world's natural systems to the brink of collapse. Global warming is only the most stark example. Look at the rivers, the oceans, the forests, the air, the soil, wildlife — will your children's natural world be better or worse than yours? Ultimately, the struggle against the system is a struggle we must make together. There is no single plan, no single solution, no single cause, no single alternative technology or form of organization that will bring liberation. But by trying many different ideas, struggles and experiments, people just like you — probably including you — are developing alternatives in the here and now and for the future. We should pat ourselves on the back, celebrate our victories, and keep on keeping on. The future we seek starts right now.