Sierra Club Notecard: Emperor Penguins. Photo by Art Wolfe

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Sierra Club Notecard: Emperor Penguins. Photo by Art Wolfe. [Click to read mor
Standing about 4 feet tall and weighing as much as a hundred pounds, emperor penguins are the largest of the penguin species. To survive the icy Antarctic gales, these community-oriented birds huddle together en masse, taking turns moving to the outside of the group to shield the others. Their parenting is equally impressive: after laying a single egg, the females swims out to sea to feed while the male balances the egg on his feet, tucking it under a pouch of skin to keep it warm. He carefully cradles the egg, then the chick, for about two months. When the female returns and takes over, he heads out for his own much-needed fishing spree. A couple of months later, the devoted parents release the chick into a creche, a community nursery where they continue feeding it until it is ready to fish for itself. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this notecard supports Sierra Club's efforts to preserve and protect the planet. Printed on Recycled Paper.