Shit Happens, Everybody Knows. Postcard. Details 63 Variations on Shit Happens for various perspectives. Half religious perspectives, half not.

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Shit Happens, Everybody Knows. Details 63 Variations on Shit Happens
This list is certainly comprehensive, featuring 63 varied perspectives on Shit Happens. It may be difficult to read for some.

Here are a few of the ones included:

Taoism: If you understand shit, it isn't shit. Zen: What is the sound of Shit Happening? Atheism: I don't believe this shit. Existentialism: What is shit, anyway? Mysticism: This is really weird shit. Wicca: You make shit happen, but shit will happen to you three times.

Vegetarianism: If it happens to shit, don't eat it. Amish: Modern shit is useless. Tantrism: Fuck this shit. Trekism: To boldly shit where no-one has shit before. Communism: Let's share the shit. Surrealism: Fish happens. Rastafarianism: Let's smoke this shit.

Many more included: Buddism, Islam, Judaism, Conspiracy Theorism, Darwinism, Freud, Politically Correct, Environmentalism, Baptism, Voodoo, New Age, Hare Krishna, Hip-Hop and still many more!