Rise Up Singing Songbook, by Peter Blood. America's favorite songbook! Introduction by Pete Seeger.

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Rise Up Singing Songbook, by Peter Blood. America's favorite songbook!
America's favorite songbook! Special 15th Anniversary Edition. Words, sources & guitar chords to 1,200 songs. Spiral-bound and extensively cross-indexed. The 35 topically focused chapters range from ecology, dreams & fantasy, creativity, love, peace, women, rich & poor, work & play, with a large section of children's songs. Easy-to-use format encourages endless hours of singing and making music. Our Bestselling book for many years! Line art illustrations throughout. The songbook! Easily indexed by author, title, type. You'll find everyone from Leonard Cohen to Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan to Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie to Malvina Reynolds. Hymns, spirituals, sea shanteys—songs about peace, freedom, labor, struggle, the environment, and so much more. What a book! Includes a foreword from Pete Seeger, who, of course, has several contributions. Ring-bound for easier use. Now in Stock! Yes, we have this. Order today. Introduction by Pete Seeger. No, this book does not include the color photos of Pete Seeger, but it does have his great introduction. He was a big advocate of this book. "Worth devouring by all those who love to sing." —Joan Baez "This is the best, most exhilarating and glorious history of the United States: a singing history. It is more than a lovely songbook—it's a play-work-fight-freedom hymnal." —Studs Terkel Additional illustration shows the book being used for group singing. This is a popular activity in many places. Notice, the group in the photo here is using 5 copies of Rise Up Singing, one reason why it is not uncommon to see purchase of multiple copies. Makes a great gift item too. The illustration "The Benefits of Singing" is also not included in the book, but fits with the spirit of this book.