Outdoor Adventurer's Guide to Forest Bathing

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Outdoor Adventurer's Guide to Forest Bathing. 

The first and only guide to shinrin-yoku for the outdoor adventurer! With techniques tailored for hiking, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, trail-running, and cross-country skiing, this is the definitive guide to applying the healthy and rejuvenating practice of forest bathing to your favorite activities.

Forest bathing techniques have been largely limited to use while walking and hiking, but now The Outdoor Adventurer’s Guide to Forest Bathing will guide mountain bikers, paddlers, trail-runners, cross-country skiers, and climbers as they reap the benefits of forest bathing while enjoying their favorite activities. With invitations tailored for each specific sport and stunning color photography throughout, this book will enhance the outdoor enthusiast’s love of the outdoors while improving their overall wellbeing. Inside you'll find: ·

Sport-specific invitations to enhance the benefits and enjoyment of each activity ·Information on trail stewardship, Leave No Trace principles, and best practices while out on the trail, waterway, rock, or route ·Athlete testimonials from each sport’s most successful stars, highlighting their own experiences using mindfulness in the outdoors ·Sidebars discussing foraging techniques, mental and physical health benefits, neurodiversity, and many more topics The Outdoor Adventurer's Guide to Forest Bathing is the only book you'll need to get up, get out, and feel better!