Original Instructuions. Indigenous Teachings For a Sustainable Future. Contributions by Winona LaDuke, John Mohawk & John Trudell

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Original Instructuions. Indigenous Teachings For a Sustainable Future.
“Buckminster Fuller once complained that the earth had come without a good operating manual. In fact, though, there are an awful lot of instructions that have stood the test of time. Since we’re clearly making a mess of things at the moment, it might be wise to pay some attention.” --Bill McKibben “Original Instructions shows how human beings can actually play a richly positive role in the web of life as a keystone species that creates conditions conducive to life for all beings. Here is the sacred geography of a world where all life is revered and animated by spirit.” --Kenny Ausubel Includes contributions by John Mohawk, Winona LaDuke, John Trudell, Paula Gunn Allen, Katsi Cook, Jeannette Armstrong, Chief Oren Lyons, Ohki Simine Forest, Melissa Nelson and many others. Much of the material in this book has also been generated and shared at Bioneers Conferences. These powerful & inspiring essays cover many topics, Including: “The Power of Being a Human Being” by John Trudell "Indigenous Knowledge as the Basis For Our Future" by Priscilla Settee "Listening to Natural Law" by Chief Oren Lyons The Art of Thriving In Place, by John Mohawk "Protecting The Culture and Genetics of Wild Rice, by Winona LaDuke "Re-Nativization of North & South America", by Tirso Gonzales “Decolonization & Global Indigenous Struggles for Justice” & many more. 359 pages.