Origami Page Per Day. Calendar. 2021 Edition Now in Stock. For kids, for craft lovers, for whole families, here's a year of paper-folding fun. The pages double as brilliantly colored folding paper. Colorful 6" X 7" box.

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Origami Page Per Day. Calendar For kids, for craft lovers, for whole families,
The Origami Calendar is on a roll! From Margaret Van Sicklen, "Origami Swami" and author of the bestselling book The Joy of Origami, this is a colorful tribute to the pleasures and possibilities of the craft. Fold an adorable Panda, a scorching SST Plane, a groovy Kaleido-Coaster. Plus birds of every feather, boats, flowers, handy boxes, and a ring folded from a dollar bill. For every level of hobbyist, the models in this calendar are organized by theme rather than skill, and the decorated, perfectly square pages double as folding paper. Includes weekend folding Fun Facts and an "Origami Key" with base folds, symbols, and helpful hints. These pages double as folding paper. Featuring eight brilliant colors and bold graphics, these original paper designs are found nowhere else. Includes history, lore and a talking fish! Great gift item. Endorsed by Origami USA. Colorful box measures 7" X 6".