Nevertheless, She Persisted. Postcard. Featuring 12 women who inspire.

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Nevertheless, She Persisted.  Postcard.  Featuring 12 women who inspire.

Nevertheless, She Persisted.

Let's Celebrate the women who persist, the women who inspire.

Don't try to silence them, that will only backfire.

The postcard features 12 women who inspire.  The following is NOT printed on this card.

Nevertheless, She Persisted has been a rallying cry for strong women ever since the Senate hearings on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General.  As Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke against the confirmation and begin to read a letter about Jeff Sessons from Corretta Scott King, she was silenced by a vote from the Republican Majority of Senators, and the statement was made by Mitch McConnell, the senate majority leader as a justification for that effort to silencer her.   Since that time, women have used the phrase with pride for the many women who persist in breaking barriers, despite being silenced or ignored.  There are many women who could be included in this list.

Here are the women featured on this card:

Elizabeth Warren is an American politician and academic serving as the senior United States Senator from Massachusetts since 2013.

Coretta Scott King (1927 – 2006) was an American author, activist, civil rights leader, and the wife of Martin Luther King Jr. Coretta Scott King helped lead the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. She was an active advocate for African-American equality.

Gloria Steinem is an American feminist, journalist, and social political activist.

Michelle Obama is an American lawyer, university administrator and writer, who was First Lady of the United States. As First Lady, Obama served as a role model for women, and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating.

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate.  In 2012, while on a bus Yousafzai and two other girls were shot by a Taliban gunman in an assassination attempt in retaliation for her activism. Since her recovery, she has become a prominent activist for the right to education.

Rosa Parks (1913 – 2005) was an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott.

Alice Walker is an American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist

Buffy Sainte-Marie is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist.

Frida Kahlo  (1907 – 1954) was a Mexican artist who survived a tragic accident at age 18, yet went on to become a successful artist, producing powerful self-portraits. Her life story has become an inspiration for many women.

Miriam Makeba (1932 –  2008), nicknamed Mama Africa, was a South African singer, songwriter, actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, and civil rights activist. She was an advocate against apartheid and white-minority government in South Africa.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  is an American politician and since January 3, 2019, she has been the U.S. Representative for New York's 14th congressional district.  She advocates for a progressive platform that includes Medicare For All, and a proposed Green New Deal,

Winona LaDuke is an American environmentalist, economist, and writer, known for her work on tribal land claims and preservation, as well as sustainable development.