Native Seconds Postcards Set (12 Cards) Mixed Set.

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Native Seconds Postcards Set (24 Cards) Mixed Set.

Thia ia a mixed set of 12 Postcards all with a Native Theme.  Each set is unique and therefore each set does not contain the exact same cards pictured, but they are a very similar range of images.  About HALF of the cards in these sets are historic photos, such as those made famous by Edward Curtis, but including images by other photographers.

All these postcards are seconds, which means they all have some imperfection.  In most cases, the front looks just fine, but there is a number written on the back, or some other mistake on the back.  Please see the second image to get a better idea what many of them look like on the back.  This is why the set sells for such a low price,  Each card can be had for under .33 cents, even though these are professional postcards usually retailing at 90 cents each.

There are also some rare and hard to find cards in each set.

Because these are seconds, they would not work to resell as new cards in a store.  However, could be a great bargain for those who wish to mail them, or add to a collection.  Many uses, actually.