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Miraculous Mushroom Wall Calendar: With Fabulous Fungi Facts
Miraculous Mushroom Wall Calendar: With Fabulous Fungi Facts Feast your eyes on the fantastic fungi in this richly designed wall calendar. The Miraculous Mushroom is a tribute to these amazing organisms, such as the golden chanterelle, the conifer psilocybe, and the fairy-ring mushroom. It's also a handy guide, with informative text accompanying the vivid photographs, plus elegant graphics that will help you distinguish the poisonous from the edible. You'll learn fascinating fungi facts as you savor each artful portrayal of this diverse marvel of nature. The perfect gift for the mushroom enthusiast. A year of captivating mushroom photographs on your wall. Did you know that mushrooms are more akin to animals than plants? Discover this and much more in the Miraculous Mushroom wall calendar. This graphically rich collection profiles 12 different types of mushrooms in their natural settings. Photographer and designer Marianna Armata's sensuous color close-ups will inform and enchant both novice and expert mushroom hunters alike. From the elegant Amanita muscaria, with its universally recognized red disk-shaped cap, to the myth-inspiring fairy-ring, with arcs that can grow more than 30 feet in diameter, this fascinating calendar shines a light on Mother Nature's tiny recycler.