Live with Intention Planner. Art by Renee Locks. Spiralbound. 2020 Edition Now in Stock.

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Live with Intention Planner.  Art by Renee Locks. Spiralbound.

Live with Intention. This monthly planner will lead you to live a life full of intention throughout the year. Use it as a tangible reminder to live intentionally by deciding to live your life, define a purpose, set your goals, stay focused, and learn from others. The Live with Intention Monthly Planner offers space to do just that through note pages to write down your purpose and goals, set monthly checklists to stay focused, and include inspiring quotes as encouragement. Featuring the magnificent art from artist, calligrapher, and poet, Renée Locks, this planner is inspired by the nature and simple elegance of Japanese art. Designed to focus each day on living purposefully, the Live with Intention Monthly Planner will invigorate you daily through the positive and encouraging notes.

  • Nourish, heal, and bless the mind, hear, and spirit
  • Curated art and inspiration from artist Renée Locks
  • As a well-known artist, calligrapher, and poet, Renée Locks add beauty, creativity, and hopefulness to the world through her unique artistic renderings and calligraphy style which celebrates the joy of heartfelt, gently, and strong words. Her work is inspired by the feeling of nature and the simplicity and directness of Japanese art as a way to nourish, heal, and bless the mind, heart, and spirit. After teaching Western calligraphy for over a decade, Locks began devoting her artistic stylings to the sumi-e brush and shodo – the way of writing beautifully. She is inspired by ancient Asian calligraphy, especially the Japanese Kansai style, a style that is created rapidly and without lines. Renée Locks’s artistic renditions remind us of the magic in our own world and in ourselves.