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Knock at the Door Wall Calendar.

When Inspiration knocks, open the door Crossing into the land of remembering your magical self requires only one thing. When Inspiration knocks, open the door.

In 2004, Duirwaigh president Angi Sullins sat down to write a poem for the artists who inspire her. Setting the poem to music and paintings, the short film A Knock at the Door was born. Posted to the Internet in December of that year, it caused an international sensation, and has since been seen by over a million viewers. Between these pages lies an invitation to follow your dreams through the door of Possibility to an enchanted land half-dreamed, half-remembered, wholly adored.

Angi Sullins is the founder of Duirwaigh, Inc., a multimedia entertainment group in Atlanta, Georgia. Angi creates inspirational cards, books and films with her partner Silas Toball.