International Postcards (20) Seconds Set. 20 Cards, NOT in perfect condition.

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International Postcards Seconds Set. 20 Postcards Cards
International Postcards Mixed Set of 20 Postcards. One of each.

Each set is different. Each card is less than perfect. Often there is an order code written on back side. (See second scan for an example.) But the front side is generally in good condition and worth the sale price.

This is NOT a good choice for wholesale orders, intended for resale.

Great sale price for these cards. Comes out to less than .20 cents per card.

There are some great cards here, including ones published by Global Aware, Tushita (Germany) and Art Unlimited (Amsterdam). Each set is bound to include cards of Africa, Tibet, South America and other parts of the planet.

Some out-of-print and rare cards are included.