Indian Pictorial Vegetables Chart Postcard

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Pictorial vegetables chart, postcard. Indian educational charts
Cucumber, radish, tomato, peas, beet, tinda, gourd, mushroom, cabbage, pumpkin, lemon, brinjal eggplant, potato, lady's finger, carrot, ginger, cauliflower, turnip, onion. Indian educational charts are used all over the country to inform, advise and instruct on how to be an ideal citizen in an ideal world. The following is NOT printed on this postcard. For those not living in India, these charts provide a cross-cultural perspective on various aspects of our world. Are these vegetables Organic? Try organic. Or, as our grandparents called it, FOOD. Of course, until relatively recently, ALL food was organic food. But with more and more dangerous pesticides and chemicals being using in industrial farming methods, it has become more and more to choose organic.