How Do You Smoke a Weed? Comics Guide to Responsible High

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How Do You Smoke a Weed?  Comics Guide to Responsible High

How Do You Smoke a Weed?  Comics Guide to Responsible High. Book.  8" X 5.5" Size.  88 full color pages.

Join Sprout, a lovable marijuana newbie, in a journey of discovery through this practical cartoon guide for novice weed smokers curious about an increasingly-legal high.

"After all this time, I can finally smoke a weed! But . . . where do I even begin?"

Sprout, a wee babe of a Weeping Giant Sequoia, is psyched to smoke marijuana for the first time. But she stumbles on her first obstacle right away: she has no idea what she's doing! A trio of helpful (and more mature) sequoias give her a dried cannabis flower and send her on a delightful journey of discovery. The forest is alive with wizened old animals who know the laws and customs, the history and science, and all the ins and outs of America's increasingly legal pastime. HOW DO YOU SMOKE A WEED? is both a fun storybook quest and a practical how-to for the novice weed smoker!

With marijuana decriminalized or legalized in 26 states and Washington, DC, dispensaries popping up everywhere, and experienced users openly rejoicing, it can be hard for the marijuana newbie, cowed by years of Just-Say-No disinformation, to find your way. Written by experienced, conscientious users and presented in an easy-to-read comic book format, HOW DO YOU SMOKE A WEED? fills that gap. Perfect for the cannabis-curious, and with new insights for the veteran smoker.

HELP FOR NEWBIES: Well-informed and disarmingly charming, HOW DO YOU SMOKE A WEED? is a complete guide to an oftentimes mystifying subject for complete novices.

FUN FOR EXPERTS: At the same time, it works for experts looking for a fun new entry in our growing body of mainstream cannabis lit.

WINNING FORMAT: Picks up the reins from classic underground cartoonists like R. Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, and Larry Gonick, with a cartoony, fun counter-culture narrative that still treats its subject seriously.