Home Cheese Making, 4th Edition, Updated & Expanded, by Ricki Carroll.

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Home Cheese Making, 4th Edition, Updated & Expanded, by Ricki Carroll.

This completely revised and updated edition of the best-selling classic by “Cheese Queen” Ricki Carroll features an expanded selection of cheese recipes, all-new recipes for cooking with cheese, and contemporary cheesemonger profiles.

The completely updated fourth edition features 35 new cheese recipes, color photography of step-by-step techniques, and new profiles of contemporary cheese makers. The additions to this comprehensive volume reflect the broader selection of cheeses available in specialty food stores and groceries, including burrata, stracchino, Brillat-Savarin, D’Affinois, Cambrales, Drunk Gouda, Pecorino Pepato, goat milk’s gouda, and more. Companion recipes are included for cheese plate condiments and classic cheese dishes. For cheese lovers wanting to make their own, Ricki Carroll’s expert advice is the key to success.

Extensive update of the classic bestseller. The fourth edition of Home Cheese Making (400,000 copies in print) now features full-color photography, step-by-step techniques for a wide range of cheeses including 35 new cheese recipes, 50 new recipes for cooking with cheese, and profiles of 15 leading artisanal cheese makers from around the world.

“This magical idea of making cheese at home was one of the first skills I set my sights on as a fledgling homesteader. Home Cheese Making has been my primary guide throughout all my home dairy adventures, and my sticky, tattered copy is a testament to the usefulness of this book! Without a doubt, this is the homemade cheese resource I recommend the most.” — Jill Winger, Author, The Prairie Homestead Cookbook