Got Milkweed? [11½" x 3" Bumpersticker.] Monarch caterpillar. Save the Monarch Butterfly.

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Got Milkweed? [11½" x 3" Bumpersticker.]
Got Milkweed? [11½" x 3" Bumpersticker.] The following information is NOT printed on this bumpersticker. Monarch caterpillars need the milkweed plants to grow into monarch butterflies. No milkweed, no monarchs. It's that simple. The milkweed plant is threatened by many factors: urban development is a primary reason. Some people cut down milkweed because...well, it looks like a weed. Over a million acres of grassland habitat in the Midwest have been plowed under for corn and soybean fields. Milkweed, which grows on the edges of corn and soybean fields, can't withstand the herbicides sprayed on these crops. It's a hardy plant, but not that hardy. Some estimate that the number of milkweed plants has declined by as much as 80 percent with the widespread spraying of weed killer. The habitat is disappearing….and so is our monarch butterfly. This sticker encourages people to plant Milkweed, and thus save Monarch Butterflies. Find more details at