Feminism Encourages Women To Leave Their Husbands, Kill Their Children, Practice Witchcraft, Destroy Capitalism & Become Lesbians. Postcard.

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Feminism Encourages Women To Leave Their Husbands, Kill Their Children Postcard.
Pat Robertson is a televangelist from the United States. He is the founder of numerous organizations and corporations, including the American Center for Law and Justice, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), & the Christian Coalition, as well as many others. He is the host of The 700 Club, a Christian TV program airing on channels throughout the United States and on CBN affiliates worldwide. Robertson is a Southern Baptist and was active as an ordained minister with that denomination for many years, but holds to a charismatic theology not traditionally common among Southern Baptists. He unsuccessfully campaigned to become the Republican Party's nominee in the 1988 presidential electn. As a result of his seeking political office, he no longer serves in an official role for any church. His media and financial resources make him a recognized, influential, and controversial public voice for conservative Christianity in the United States. Robertson is outspoken in both his religion and his politics. His actions, business relations, and statements have often made headlines. Controversies surrounding Robertson include his earlier work as a faith healer, his claim that some Protestant denominations harbor the spirit of the Antichrist, and his claims of having the power to defect hurricanes through prayer; he has also denounced Hinduism as "demonic" and Islam as "Satanic." Robertson has issued multiple condemnations of feminism, homosexuality, abortion and liberal professors. Robertson was criticized worldwide for his call for Hugo Chavez’s assassination. New flash: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has just announced it's word of the year for 2017: Feminism. Some would say, it's about time.