Extraordinary Chickens Wall Calendar. 2021 Edition Now in Stock

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Extraordinary Chickens Wall Calendar. 16-Month. [12" x 12" Size]

Extraordinary Chickens Wall Calendar. Stephen Green-Armytage’s annual tribute to the world’s fanciest, funniest, and freakiest fowl has gained legions of fans the world over. Featuring the most extraordinary of the extraordinary, this charming 16-month calendar includes many previously unpublished photographs.

This delightful annual parade of poultry features incredible four-color photographs of chickens at their best in all breeds, shapes, and sizes, including Silkies, Cochin Frizzles, and Old English Game Hens. From elegant plumage to comical combs, this charming 12-month wall calendar includes many previously unpublished photographs.

Generous grids with space to add appointments and reminders

Opens to 12 inches x 24 inches