Climb Every Mountain. [5" x 7" Notecard]

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Climb Every Mountain. [5" x 7" Notecard].
Climb Every Mountain: "We have just spotted Ingrid Nelson on the side of Mount Rushmore, straddling the bridge of George Washington's nose. Ingrid, you look marvelous. Tell us, did you ever think you would come this far? Do you still believe in the glass ceiling? What advice would you offer to young women aspiring to follow in your path? The current dilemma is this. Ingrid has her briefcase in her left hand and her car keys in her right. She would like to free up her right hand by putting the car keys into the briefcase, but the move seems much too risky. Another problem: her left pump is about to fall of. She is easing her foot along the side of George's nose, hoping to coax it back on. She knows it's ridiculous. She knows that if she has any chance at all of setting herself out of this, it is not going to be with these shoes on, yet what she cannot keep herself from thinking is: they were so expensive."