Cannabis: Marijuana under the Microscope. Wow. Stunning book.

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Cannabis: Marijuana under the Microscope

Cannabis: Marijuana under the Microscope

A unique mix of art and science, this fresh and visually stunning survey celebrates the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the world's most controversial plant: Cannabis salvia. Cutting-edge scanning electron microscope images, combined with light micrographs and X-rays, bring this captivating plant vividly to life. Meticulously photographed over the course of three years, the 140 color images are arranged by germination, stem, leaf, male flower, female flower, and roots, accompanied by explanations of what the viewer is seeing.

The cannabis plant has had a complicated relationship with humans through the ages, and each image was selected with this in mind, highlighting unique and frequently bizarre features. This unusual photographic collection reveals the microscopic features of the marijuana plant as never before seen in one volume.

Wow! Unique eye candy, the perfect coffee table book.  Your guests will say "Wow!", even before any herbal refreshments.  This surpasses the glamour shots of the evil weed we have seen in other places.  Freaking awesome!  Top quality art.