Becoming Vegan, by Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina. The complete guide to achieving a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. How to avoid meat, eggs & dairy products yet provide nutritious meals.

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Becoming Vegan, by Brenda Davis & Vesanto Melina. The complete guide
The authors of Becoming Vegetarian explore the benefits of a vegan diet (eating without meat, eggs or dairy products). More and more people are being motivated to become vegans because of the impact of their nutritional choices on their health, the environment, animal rights, and human hunger. As registered dietitians, Davis and Melina are well-qualified to offer the latest information. Highlights of this book include: -A unique and thought-provoking look at the relationship between diet and chronic disease and the protective effects of vegan diets against the leading killers. -One of the most convincing and well researched explanations on why plant proteins are both adequate and preferable to animal protein as the major protein source for humans -The most comprehensive examination of dietary fat and essential fatty acids for vegans written to date. -A thorough and practical discussion on all of the vitamins and minerals of concern to vegans, including calcium, iron and vitamin B12. -Invaluable guidelines for people at various stages of the lifecycle: pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence and the senior years. -A detailed and thoughtful discussion on matters of weight and shape including underweight, overweight and eating disorders. -Straight-shooting advice about vegan diets and athletic performance. -An exceptional vegan food guide, helping you design a well-balanced vegan diet. -A lively discussion about diplomacy and how to handle sticky situations gracefully in this nonvegan world. Newly revised edition.