American Nudism: A Way of Life. Postcard.

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American Nudism: A Way of Life. Postcard.
Back side states: Through the slow process of evolution, which has taken a million years, we find the naked abysmal brute developing into the clothed civilian. It has taken all of this time to effect the change, which no one can deny has been for the better -- yet a million years later, we find a group of civilized people who insist that people should return to their original state of nudity. In 1950, there were 3,000,000 nudists in Germany alone. In America, the last nudist census showed approximately 700,000. These numbers alone should indicate that the movement is more than just another determined craze made up of the likes of manic-depressives, crossword puzzlers, and miniature golfers. No, for in Nudism there exists a credo that undermines the structures of social status & wealth. Nudism, were it to become Universal, has in it the seeds of a moral disintegration that would disrupt the civilized world. It must be stopped. And now. Note: This strong anti-Nudist rant seems to add to the entertainment of this postcard. Nobody we know shares this sentiment today. When was that last American nudist census done? Did we miss it?