The Story Behind The Bumper Sticker.

Bumper Stickers are tiny pieces of conversation which tend to generate longer stories. What is the story behind your sticker?

Bumper stickers became hugely popular in this country because we are such a car culture. We spend a lot of time in our cars, on the highways, and yet still crave some communication, some interaction. So that was the context which launched bumper stickers as a popular vehicle of expression. These days, stickers are not just for cars anymore, they get stuck everywhere, and make popular gifts.

Back in the mid-90’s, a fascinating book was published called Bumper Sticker Wisdom. The author traveled across the country to find and interview people with their bumper stickers. Set up as a coffee-table book, each page has a close-up of the bumper sticker, and the person with their car displaying the sticker, and a short story from each interview. Very diverse, and quite fascinating. Here we can see the story of how each person got their stickers, what it means to them, and the range of responses they are getting as they drive around.

In the back of that book, the author suggests she will be working on a sequel. I have not seen any evidence of that, and the contact number is disconnected, so I suspect this project may have been abandoned.

On our website, recently revised, we try to add some description of the meaning or context from some of the stickers we feature. Since each sticker is part of a larger conversation, this understanding can add to the meaning and value of the sticker. We would like to hear more of the story behind the stickers from you, our buyers and retailers. This will be an ongoing project and at this point, we do not promise to put together an actual book of these. But hearing more of your stories will add to our understanding, and bits of your stories may well find their way onto our website entries or blogs.

Don’t be shy. Let us hear from you by email, phone or Facebook.


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