Invasion of Ukraine has a Hidden History!  Postcards to Tell The Story.
We have been very worried about Putin's invasion of Ukraine.  What is really going on here?  Is there a brutal history of how Russia has treated Ukraine?  Seems to me that there is a tragic pattern what has included a hidden history that many around the world are not aware of.  What was the holodomor?  The term comes from Ukrainian words for Hunger and Extermination.  I have been learning about how Soviet policies in the 1930's under Joseph Stalin led to a man-made famine resulting in the starvation deaths of millions of Ukrainians.  Why has this tragedy been hidden from us, and in what ways is that similar to what Putin is now doing to Ukraine?

As we have been learning, I want to share this awareness and encourage discussion.  So we have been creating Postcards.  Those shown on this blog post and others on our website.  We start with the Holodomor Memorial in Ukraine, as an important first postcard.  Brief description on the back side.  Then a second postcard with a bit of Dark Humor, pointing to the role of Joseph Stalin in creating and hiding this disaster which many consider Genocide.  And finally several postcards about Putin.  What was he thinking?  What will it take to keep him from perpetuating this catastrophe?   How can he continue to tell the Russian people that this is just a "special operation", not really an invasion or a war of any kind.  How can they continue to tell these kinds of lies, even as the world learns of the war crimes that have already been committed and the millions of refugees who have been forced to flee their country?

Here is the start.  A few postcards.  Lets see where this can go.   Oh, for those curious to learn more, we have discovered two excellent movies on the topic.  Mr Jones and Bitter Harvest.  I found them through our library system, and they gave me a much deeper understanding of the tragedy and the cover-up.  There is also an excellent book called Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine.  Probably more than most people want to know, but there it is in detail for those who want the full truth.  Much of this understanding has only been possible in recent years, given the extensive cover-up at the time.

I would love to hear your comments and any further resources.

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