Once upon a time, there were no humans on the planet. You may be too young to remember, but it seems the earth did just fine in those days. The earth gave birth to an incredible, rich diversity of life, and yet maintained a delicate, sustainable balance between it all. Even in the early days of human life, it seemed that we could be part of this magical balance as we found our niche and explored our possibilities. Sure, we made mistakes in those days, but we could usually learn from those mistakes and try to do better in the next generation.

But recently the humans seem to be acting like the worst kind of invasive species, spreading all over the planet, dominating, killing and destroying everything in sight. The delicate balance of life has been seriously disrupted by humans. What is happening here? Will the humans finally win their war against nature and thus destroy all chance for balance to be restored? What will it take for humans to change our ways, to strive again for some kind of balance?

Fortunately, we are not the only ones asking these questions. Despite all the evidence that the human species is just too set in our destructive ways, we think there is still hope. Despite all the wars and genocide, the pollution and destruction, rapidly growing inequality, the elimination of other species and the efforts to destroy alternative ways to thinking and living, we think there is still a chance for fundamental changes. But it’s going to be a challenge. We believe it is the most important challenge we can take on.

We are Dick & Malycha. We believe that good questions always outrank easy answers. We believe that people are hungry for the truth and eager to discover fresh ideas that offer new possibilities. We believe that the Earth itself offers many solutions to our dilemmas if we are able to listen and learn from her. Our dreams offer us new perspectives which our waking, rational mind alone cannot access. We are aware of other cultures and times where people have been more clear about what it means to live in balance, in a way that can be fulfilling and sustainable. We believe that even small things can make a big difference to the future, and that each one of us has unique opportunities to take action for a positive future. But we also know that our only chance to really make the big changes necessary is when we can act together. No one person, no matter how great, can do it alone. The shift needed is simply too big.

VisionWorks has been in operation since 1986 and through this business we try to find and gather the most promising & useful ideas and images in one place. We strive to provide easy access to the best ideas & images of a changing world. We have experience running a retail bookstore, publishing and experience simply living on the planet. We know how much work it can be to find and gather these items, and we hope we can make it easier to get these out to the people who can learn from them and act on them. We know that it can be difficult for independent retailers to survive and succeed, and we believe our services can make such success more likely.

At VisionWorks we are passionate about what we offer. As a values and vision-driven company, we work to make our world a more diverse and sustainable place. The items we offer are carefully selected, and frequently changing. These are more than just more material products to us. We offer easy access to ideas & images of a changing world, and hope we can be your best source.

VisionWorks functions primarily as a wholesale distributor. We buy from hundreds of publishers around the world, and sell to retailers and individuals around the world. We think there is a dynamic role for a distributor or an independent retailer to make careful choices about which products they offer, and then actively promote ideas and images that can make a difference. Many of the retailers who order from us share these values, which often makes the difference between simply surviving as a business and succeeding in their goals and mission. If you, as an individual, can identify such a business in your community, you would do well to support them, and make sure that energy is a healthy part of your community well into the future. And we would like to know about them.

Postcards are vastly under-rated as a medium that can educate and communicate, as well as amuse and inspire. The postcards we offer are more than just a pretty picture or tourist scene, since plenty of tourist postcards can be found elsewhere. Many of our postcards are published overseas, where the art of the postcard has developed differently. Because postcards are small and inexpensive they are often overlooked. Yet this diverse mix of themes and styles can alert the public to new possibilities. While postcards are often mailed to others, over half the postcards purchased are never mailed. Instead they are posted on a fridge or bulletin board, or added to someone's collection. The images we see or share can have a huge impact on our thinking and our lives. Postcards can carry a message many places that other vehicles cannot.

Bumper Stickers seem to be a particularly American art form. Perhaps it is because we spend so much time in our cars and desire some free expression and diversion. Many people wonder where you can find bumper stickers. And even when people are not seeking them, many will pick one up when they see a statement that strikes them. We try to provide easy access to a diverse assortment with plenty of humorous and thought-provoking slogans and images. We are always looking for new stickers to add to our collection. There is a conversation going on here, even if the length of each statement is very limited. Stickers are not just for cars anymore! They can just as well be stuck on a door, guitar case, file cabinet or refrigerator. Can you imagine running into these ideas where you least expect them?

Our calendars and books are carefully selected to educate and entertain. Again, we seek out the best items to promote diversity of thought and new possibilities. Many of these items are produced by small presses or self-published. It seems crucial that people can successfully promote their unique ideas and perspectives. Yet as the big chain bookstores and online mega-stores threaten to drive out the independents, and books are marketed like bars of soap, we feel that independent thinking and diverse perspectives are endangered. As an independent distributor, we do what we can to make these important books and calendars easily available to a wide variety of retail outlets, as well as the individuals who visit this web site.

In addition to this website, we have a warehouse and retail outlet at 14 Chapman Street in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Just ½ block off Main Street. Our hours here vary, so if you’d like to visit, you may want to call ahead at (413) 772-6569, or ring the doorbell even if we look closed. We love visitors and have many surprises here which can't be found in our website or wholesale catalog.

Please do visit our VisionWorks Facebook page for more in-depth conversation and imagery. www.facebook.com/VisionWo

–Dick & Malycha