2020 Lunar Phases Notecard. Folds out to 8½" X 11", envelope included. 2020 Edition Now in Stock!

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2020 Lunar Phases Notecard. Folds out to 8½" X 11",

Pictured here folded, full size is 8.5" x 11", shows every night's lunar phase, new and full moon times, the moon\'s astrological sign, solstices and equinoxes, and eclipse information.

Blank inside, envelopes (6" x 9") are included.

Both cards and envelopes on recycled paper.

Published by Snake & Snake. Real Comments from Real Customers...

Thanks to your lunar phase cards, I have been able to plan my life according to the resonance of my body with the moon. This has helped me to move to the country and find a wonderful job... Thanks! -J.S. Washington, USA

didn't get one last year & spent THE ENTIRE YEAR off rhythm & confused! -C.C. Maryland, USA

Time for another years moon phases- yours is the only one that is constantly excellent, I really appreciate the simplicity of it. Many thanks, -R.E. Minnesota, USA

I use them to mark my transformation into a werewolf and to let my relatives know when to lock their doors & windows. -anonymous I'm writing to let you know that your lunar calendars are tres fab, and that I've finally been able to make sense of my period. I never use my regular calendar to chart it any more, so, muchas gracias! -T.M. New York, USA