2-TIER Plexiglas Display Bin For Bumper Stickers. Works best on a table or counter. Fits all stickers.

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2-TIER Plexiglas Display Bin For Bumper Stickers. Works best on table/counter
This plexiglass display is 8" Across, 8" Front-to-back at the base and 9" tall. Each level holds has almost 3" of space. The full display holds about 30 dozen or 60 styles of 6 stickers each. Wholesale Buyers: Your price is only $16.00 each with a qualifying order. Please Note: We offer these display primarily for our wholesale customers who a looking for the best way to display our stickers. For all other orders, we may not be able to fill your orders. Go ahead & place orders, but then we will contact you to discuss. OK? A good sign can boost sales. The pricing you decide on is up to you, but giving some break for quantity purchases is often appreciated. In this example the retail is $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00. One could also say One Free with Five. (That way they are getting 6 as $1.67 each.) We have also found that by putting them into the display in Alphabetical Order by slogan, it is easier to find things. Most customers are happy to flip through the stickers to find their favorites. A shop worker does need to go through and make sure the alphabetical order is maintained every so often. This also makes a big difference when it is time to decide what to re-order. In addition to a bin, we suggest putting some stickers up in a window or on the wall where they can catch people's attention.